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Enjoy the peace, energy and beauty of nature 365 days a year, no matter what climate you live in.
And everyone is a reason to be proud.
Hotel "HAY", Bukovel
Guillotine system with upper sashes position
The task was to separate the inside area of the pool from the outside. We had to prevent the penetration of the cold air during the cold season and provide an open space above the pool area in the warm season. An electronic control panel with summer/winter mode was developed to control the system. In winter mode, the sashes are controlled by buttons on the control panel installed outside and inside the pool area. The lifting height of the sash is limited, which prevents the penetration of cold air. Also, there were installed sensors to ensure the safety in case of moving under the sliding downwards sash.
Restaurant "Pasqual&Sheila", Valencia
Guillotine system with upper sashes position
Guillotine systems with upper parking were manufactured and installed, which in the open position provide free passage under the systems, thus transforming the restaurant premises into an open terrace. Automatic awnings were inserted for sun protection.

Restaurant «My.Butter», Odesa
Guillotine system with upper sashes position
The project, which transforms the perception of space and comfort, embodies a designer solution that harmoniously combines the interior space with the exterior. The widest guillotine system in Ukraine makes this project unique.

Restaurant "kitsa", Odesa
Guillotine system with upper sashes position
In this project, the task was to produce energy-saving and aesthetic windows with a thin frame, as well as to provide a comfortable seat on the windowsill with the ability to open the windows. We have designed and manufactured small format guillotine systems with upper sashes position, similar to American window systems but with an electric drive.
Cafe «044», Kyiv
Guillotine system with upper sashes position
Wellness Club Shambala, Kyiv
Retractable pergola and external ZIP system
A retractable pergola for the restaurant terrace. Made of rigid aluminum construction and a mechanized sliding roof made of vinyl composite material. In combination with vertical ZIP systems, it is the perfect solution for protecting the terrace from sun and rain.
Restaurant "Mama Manana", Kyiv
Guillotine system with lower sashes position
Designed, manufactured and installed by our team, the restaurant terrace with automatic guillotine systems provides not only comfort and functionality, but also an amazing panoramic view.
Restaurant "Schastye", Odesa
Guillotine system with lower sashes position
During the reconstruction of the restaurant terrace, we proposed to replace the sliding frameless system with single glass for a guillotine system with energy-saving double-glazed windows. Therefore, it was possible to ensure a comfortable stay on the terrace during any season.
Hotel "Lavanda", Odesa
Guillotine system with lower sashes position
As the terrace is located above the ground level, the use of guillotine systems ensured a safe stay on the terrace. Sashes form a fence in the opened position. At the same time, in the closed position, the guillotines make it possible to use the terrace all year round.
Restaurant "Fanconi", Odesa
Guillotine system with lower sashes position
The customer's wish was to replace the zip film on the restaurant terrace. It was decided to install guillotine window systems. Thus, we have provided an aesthetics, panoramic view, warmth and comfort inside the room during the cold season, as well as a quick transformation of the terrace from closed to opened with an effective air circulation.
Confectionery "Yablonska", Odesa
Guillotine system with lower sashes position
This project is an example of how our system creates a comfortable feeling of an open space in a small room, which provides an effective air circulation during the warm season. At the same time, when the systems are closed, the warmth is preserved during the cold season.
Cafe "BENEDICT", Odesa
Guillotine system with lower sashes position
The customers wish was to use the cafe area all year round. The first step was the design and installation of tent pergolas, which protected the site from the sun and precipitation. The guillotine systems were installed to create a microclimate in the room. By using the energy-saving double-glazed windows we’ve provided a comfortable indoors temperature all year round.
We leave behind only good impressions and comfort.
What our customers say about us
Owner of the hotel and restaurant complex "Rivoli"
Guillotine window systems have become a great addition to the modern design of the summer terrace. Magnificent panoramic view, perfect natural light in the room. Incredible aesthetics, safety and ease of use. Reliable protection from the cold and noise. It is pleasant and comfortable to spend time here at any time of the year.
Owner of the restaurant complex "Kumpel"
Exactly four years ago, our cooperation began with the company PP, which produced glass structures for the terrace of the restaurant "Kumpel" in Lviv. In addition to the professional performance of the assigned task, the employees have been showing great loyalty to our partnership for four years, conscientiously consulting with the maintenance of the facility. In the difficult times of the pandemic, on holidays and weekends and now, during the war, the boys repeatedly covered a distance of several hundred kilometers to eliminate the slightest inconveniences, force majeure and surprises. Always went to a meeting in critical situations, showing professionalism and promptness. So if you need a reliable partner whose craftsmen have vast experience in installing glass structures, perform turnkey work by developing individual sketches and implementing non-standard solutions with an optimal budget - Kumpel recommends PP! We are proud of our cooperation and sincerely thank you for being there!
Our regular and reliable suppliers. I recommend to cooperate with them. They are always professional and responsible.
Customer, private object
I want to thank the company for the installation of the guillotine systems on the terrace. The work was done quickly and efficiently. The installers worked perfectly, at a very professional level. Special thanks to Dmytro for the well-organized order acceptance, measurements and installation. I am very glad that we have a company that works at such a high level.
Customer, private object
We have installed double-glazed windows and sliding systems in the house. I want to thank and highlight the professionalism of the company's employees. The most pleasant thing is that in such a cold and windy winter our house is warm and quiet. Highly recommend.
Administrator of "Mama Manana" restaurant
I express my gratitude for the work done for the restaurant in Kharkiv and Lviv. We searched for a long time for a company that would satisfy us on many criteria, prices, and support the project, and we were lucky. We are grateful to Dmytro Gulakov for the promptness of the installation in Lviv, in such a minimal period of opening the restaurant. I recommend.
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